We are happy to announce that the new major release of SHIPFLOW, version 7.0, is now available for download. We have added many new features and improvements that we think you will find very useful.

MOTIONS 7, the seakeeping module has been reworked significantly to increase accuracy, speed, flexibility and robustness. The main features of the software include:

  • regular and irregular waves
  • long and short crested waves
  • added resistance due to incoming waves
  • head and oblique waves
  • simulations with forward motions, stationary or free floating bodies
  • acceleration, velocity and translations of arbitrary points on the body
  • time series and Response Amplitude Operators
  • mooring lines, fenders, spring attachments (e.g. to carriage)
  • external force model interface ( Flettner rotors, wing sails, fins )
  • arbitrary geometries and multiple bodies
  • ship to ship/other floating or fixed bodies relative motions
  • times for good quality calculations: about 2-4h on an average desktop computer

MOTIONS 7 can be applied to: ships, yachts, boats, mono- and multi-hulls, semi-submersibles, floating platforms, floating wind mills and many more. See also a short presentation.

SHIPFLOW 7 also brings new RANS grid settings to improve accuracy of results for high block coefficient ships. The default hull roughness model and AHR/ks factor were set to give the most accurate results of full scale delivered power for ships in real conditions.

The customizable automatic post-processing has also been upgraded to utilize Paraview 5.10 and Python 3.9.