CFD Verification and Validation in Practice - A Study Based on Resistance Submissions to the Gothenburg 2010 Workshop on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics

Zou, Lu, and Lars Larsson.

Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics pp 203-254, 2014


Verification and Validation (V&V) of numerical solutions have been an issue in computational hydrodynamics for more than a decade. Several V&V methods based on Richardson Extrapolation (RE) have been put forward. However, little is known about the practical applicability of the methods for industrial applications. To remedy this situation the authors have carried out a systematic study of the resistance submissions to the Gothenburg 2010 Workshop on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics. This is by far the largest data base of computed results including V&V information (systematic grid refinements) available today. The present paper summarizes the project and presents several conclusions on the applicability of the three most well-known V&V techniques.