SOFTWARE requirements:

Windows (64-bit)

Windows 7,8,10, HPC Server 2008

Linux (64-bit)

Linux Redhat RHEL5(glibc 2.4) x86-64
Suse SLES 10.2(glibc 2.5) x86-64
Known to run on many other distributions e.g.
Ubuntu 10,12 OpenSuse 10,11, Debian 5,6, CentOS 5,6


HARDWARE recommendations:

Memory Size:

The actual memory required for a particular problem will depend on the size of the mesh, the
physical models that are enabled, and the complexity of the domain. The recommendations
for (BASIC) potential flow solvers is at least 8 GB, and at least 32 GB for the RANS solver.


Motherboard with 1, 2 or 4 sockets for Intel or AMD dual, quad or hex core processors. High
speed memory distributed over several slots. A CPU with high frequency and a moderate
number of cores is recommended.
(Recommendation: One or two Intel Xeon/i7 6 cores)

Graphics Support(Graphics card recommendation)

Standard graphic cards


XCHAP and XPAN can be run in parallel on a workstation equipped with one motherboard as
described above. A suitable workstations for XPAN and XCHAP computations can for example
be based on one CPU XE 1650v3 3.5GHz 32GB RAM, or two XE 2637v3 3.5 GHz 32 GB RAM


XCHAP and XPAN can be run in parallel on shared memory platforms, for example on platforms
with one motherboard as described above.
XCHAP can be run in parallel on distributed memory platforms, for examples clusters.

Media Requirements

SHIPFLOW can be supplied via the Internet or on CD-ROM (default media, ISO 9660 format)

License Server Software

SHIPFLOW uses FLEXnet for license management.