Published: 01 Januari 2012
Article in "The Naval Architect"

Authors: Flowtech
Organisations: FLOWTECH International AB, Sweden
Title: Optimisation of Energy Saving Devices using SHIPFLOW
Optimisation of Energy Saving Devices using SHIPFLOW (pdf) »


Ship based CO2 emissions have been of increasing concern for many years. Emissions are projected to grow despite market driven efficiency improvements which caused the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to develop measures to reduce the missions within an agreed timetable.

The Energy Efficiency Design Indexing (EEDI) shall be adopted for the initial design phase of new ships. This leads to greater demands for ship designers to develop more energy efficient hull and propulsion systems. SHIPFLOW can provide the designer with valuable tools for a better understanding and evaluation of the ship design alternatives. In addition to newbuildings requiring optimisation there is also great demand for retrofitting existing ships. In some cases it is to improve their efficiency and in other situations to improve their operational characteristics.