Published: 20-25 October 2013
PRADS2013, 20-25 October, 2013, CECO, Changwon City, Korea

Authors: Keunjae Kim, Fabian Tillig, Nicolas Bathfield and Hans Liljenberg
Organisations: SSPA Sweden AB, Sweden
Title: Hydrodynamic Optimization of Twin-skeg LNG Ships by CFD and Model Testing
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SSPA experiences a growing interest in twin skeg ships as one attractive green ship solution. The twin skeg concept is well proven with obvious advantages for the design of ships with full hull forms, restricted draft or highly loaded propellers. SSPA has conducted extensive hull optimizations studies of LNG ships of different size based on an extensive hull data base with over 7000 models tested, including over 400 twin skeg hull forms.

Main hull dimensions and different hull concepts such as twin skeg and single screw were of main interest in the studies. In the present paper, one twin skeg and one single screw 170K LNG ship were designed for optimally selected main dimension parameters. The twin skeg hull was further optimized and evaluated using SHIPFLOW FRIENDSHIP design package by performing parameter variation in order to modify the shape and positions of the skegs. The finally optimized models were then built and tested in order to confirm the lower power demand of twin skeg designed compaed with the single screw design. This paper is a full description of one of the design developments of a LNG twin skeg hull, from early dimensional parameter study, through design optimization phase towards the confirmation by model tests.