CFD Predictions Including Verification and Validation of Resistance, Propulsion and Local Flow for the Japan Bulk Carrier (JBC) with and without an Energy Saving Device.

Korkmaz, Kadir Burak, Michal Orych, and Lars Larsson.

Proceedings, Tokyo 2015 Workshop on CFD in Ship Hydrodynamics


This paper presents the results of verification and validation (V&V) studies for resistance and self-propulsion simulations together with investigations of the local flow on the JAPAN Bulk Carrier (JBC) with and without an energy saving device (ESD). Computations are reported for all JBC test cases proposed by the Tokyo 2015 Workshop. In total, four V&V studies are presented for Case1.1a, Case1.2a, Case1.5a and Case1.6a using five systematically refined grids in each study. Local flow predictions for Case1.3a, Case1.4a, Case1.7a and Case1.8a are shown using the finest grids of the grid convergence studies. Resistance predictions using the finest grids are within 1% of the measured data both with and without the ESD. The predicted gain in delivered power is the same as in the measurements: 6.0%, although there is an under prediction of the effective wake in both cases