Pilot project are run jointly by the customer and Flowtech with the aim of increasing the knowledge and establishing a best practice for the use of SHIPFLOW. Compared to a custom training a pilot projects runs over a longer period of time to allow for computations and refinements of designs within the project time frame. Flowtech's role in a pilot project is to help establish best practices, show how the code can be used, assist with setups for computations and optimizations etc. The developments of the designs as such are performed by the customer and may be refined by manual or automatic optimizations where Flowtech can take part in setting up the computations or optimizations to make sure they utilize the SHIPFLOW in the best manner.

A pilot project can be performed at the customer site or at Flowtech or through web meetings. It can consist of 2 or more meetings with some space in between them for computations and design work with communications via e-mail and telephone.

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