seakeeping program


Time accurate CFD solver for ship motions and added resistance.




Flow solver for computing ship motions in waves.

It is a time accurate fully nonlinear boundary element method which can be used to compute ship motions and added resistance in regular and irregular waves as well as wave resistance, sinkage and trim in calm water. Typical results are time series and response amplitude operators. We believe that the method will be a useful tool for ship designers with better accuracy than traditional potential flow methods while at the same time being faster than the available RANS methods.


  • Time accurate free surface potential flow panel method.
  • Fully non-linear free surface boundary conditions.
  • Calm water: waves, wave resistance, dynamic sinkage and trim.
  • Regular or irregular waves: Time series, response operators and added resistance.
  • Threaded to speed up computations on multi core machines.


  • Creates the mesh used in MOTIONS.
  • Uses offsets as input.
  • Automatic offset generation from STL or IGES format.
  • Various hull configuration types: monohull and twins keg.


  • Automatically generated report on html format created after each SHIPFLOW run.
  • Report contains customizable standard images and tables.
  • Format similar to and easily comparable to tank test report.
  • Movie from showing the ship motion.