Optimization of ships with CFD



Complete and powerful environment for CAD/CAE and optimization.



Use SHIPFLOW with CAESES for efficient hydrodynamic optimization of ships.

Together CAESES and SHIPFLOW creates an efficient environment for design and hydrodynamic optimization of ships. CAESES provides the tools for creating a variable geometry and optimization using the SHIPFLOW CFD tools. The system is used worldwide by many shipyards and universities for applications ranging from optimization of ship fore bodies for wave resistance, automatic optimization of ship aft bodies for delivered power to design of energy saving devices in self-propelled full-scale condition.

CAESES stands for “CAE system empowering simulation” and its ultimate goal is to enable engineers to design optimal products. With CAESES® as the Upfront CAE workhorse in the pre-CAD stage, ship designers can explore a multitude of design variants within highly automated workflows. Traditional CAD systems in the market are not designed to create geometry for analysis and it is difficult to vary complex shapes automatically. From the start, the modelling capabilities were specifically developed for simulation, especially CFD.

Upfront CAD - Create Variable Geometry

CAESES is a comprehensive Upfront CAD tool:

  • Create smarter parametric geometries from scratch
  • Focus on variable & robust as well as simulation-ready ship geometries
  • One-time pre-processing work for all hull variants
  • Import and deform existing ship geometries

Utilize CAESES as your primary CAD tool, or use it as an Upfront CAD tool in a collaborative and integrated way with your traditional design and production CAD. Learn more about Upfront CAD.

SHIPFLOW Interface – makes two programs into one

The SHIPFLOW Interface for CAESES creates a seamless integration between the two programs. It allows the user to stay within the same user interface for the complete hydrodynamic design and optimisation process.

Upfront Optimization - Vary and Explore

CAESES comes with a set of ready-to-go variation and optimization strategies – ranging from single-objective strategies for fast and efficient studies, to more complex multi-objective techniques which are effective at conducting a global search of a highly non-linear design space containing many local minima and maxima. Learn more about Upfront optimization.

FLOWTECH have a long term collaboration with FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS. The close business partnership between FLOWTECH and FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS is also reflected in the SHIPFLOW CAESES design package, which both software developers license mutually. For more information about CAESES®, please see FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS.