We regularly arrange SHIPFLOW public training for our current and potential customers. Annually we arrange training in Shanghai, Busan, India, Japan and Gothenburg. We also arrange public training in other locations depending on the demand from our customers. If you are interested in participating in a public training please write an e-mail to to let us know. We will keep your request in mind when planning the trainings and will keep you informed of the options.

Already planned trainings will be displayed below and we send our invitations directly to our customers in in the region where the training is held.

If you want a custom SHIPFLOW training for your company please see Custom Training.

If you would like to work with SHIPFLOW exercises on your own please see our Tutorials.


Each participant will need to bring one laptop to do the training exercises with -- preferably a 64bit computer with either Windows or Linux operating system. The schedule is usually from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with breaks for coffee and lunch. Training material, necessary software and licenses, coffee/tee brakes and lunches are included. All instructions and training material is in English.

Currently public training is included for up to two people per SHIPFLOW instance, meaning that if you have one seat with SHIPFLOW you are welcome to send two people.