A method for resistance and flow predictions in ship design

Larsson, L., Broberg, L., Kim, K., Zhang, D.

SNAME Transactions Vol. 98. 1990.


The purpose of the present paper is to introduce a new numerical method for predicting the flow and resistance components of ships and marine struc- tures. The theory is based on an approach, where the flow is divided into three zones : the potential flow with a free surface, the boundary layer and the Navier-Stokes flow. A separate method is used for each zone, thus enabling a high resolution without excessive computer efforts. The neces- sary pre and post processors are also included. A brief account of the theory is given in the paper and the operation of the system of computer programs is explained. The usefulness and accuracy of the system is demonstrated through a number of computed examples, for which comparison is made with measurements. Predicted quantities include resistance components, wakes and other local flow quantities, also in the presence of a working propeller. The method should be a useful tool in ship design, particu- larly at an early design stage, and may be considered a complement to the traditional model testing.