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Travelling to and from Gothenburgs Airports

Distance: 25 km.

There are two airports in Gothenburg. Landvetter, which is the largest and most common to travell to and Gothenburg City Airport which hosts mostly budget airlines.

The distance from Landvetter to the City is approximately 25 km and the distance from Gothenburg City Airport is approximately 20 km.

There are two options for travelling to and from Gothenburgs airports -- taxi or bus (Flygbussarna). The taxi companies have fixed rates to Gothenburg city and other destinations from the airport. Always ask for the price before the journey.

Buses depart frequently and take you via Korsvägen to Nils Ericsson Terminalen/Centralstationen. On board the bus you can only pay with credit cards.

If you are travelling to Panorama Hotel from Korsvägen you can either take a bus to Utlandagatan or you can walk to the hotel in 5-10 minutes.

If you are going directly to FLOWTECH from Korsvägen, you should take a tram to Chalmers from Korsvägen.