Nanjing Tianfu Software Co. Ltd organize together with FLOWTECH a two days seminar in Dalian China. The seminar will cover hull optimization and ship motions in waves using the CAESES and SHIPFLOW software. For more information see Link

Date: 8 - 9 May 2017

Location: Dalian China

Contact: NJTF for further information and registration



We are happy to announce that the latest release of SHIPFLOW is available. Version 6.3 can be downloaded from our home page, Customers in the maintenance program can request a new license file for the new version. We have added many new features that we think you will enjoy using. Here are the major news:

  • SHIPFLOW Wizard
  • New version of the VOF RANS solver
  • New version of MOTIONS
  • Video tutorials and application examples
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 SHIPFLOW 6.3.01

SHIPFLOW version 6.3.01 is now available for downloaded from our home page, Here are the major news:

  • The computational times for the SHIPFLOW RANS/VOF solver are reduced considerably
  • The updated version of SHIPFLOW MOTIONS is improved in terms of accuracy and computational speed
  • SHIPFLOW Design is based on CAESES 4.2.1

See article SHIPFLOW 6.3 for more information.

Parametric roll

The video shows the motion of the DTC container ship experience parametric roll. The prediction was produced with the release 6.3 of SHIPFLOW MOTIONS.

In this simulation the wave encounter frequency is approximately twice the natural roll frequency and the wavelength of the encountering wave is approximately equal to the ship length. The ship was given an initial roll of one degree in order to trigger the roll. No viscous damping was added in this case.


Accelerate SHIPFLOW Simulations on Rescale

In this webinar we demonstrate how SHIPFLOW users can benefit from using Rescale’s on-demand, HPC cloud platform.

CFD is used extensively for the hydrodynamic design of ships, including evaluation of resistance, delivered power, added resistance, or even for automatic hull shape optimization. However, limited local computing resources and deadline constraints can limit the CFD scope for these projects. Whether working with a few large computations or many smaller computations in an optimization, access to additional resources in the cloud can be the solution.


Workshop and training

Shanghai, China April 18-20

propeller wake

FLOWTECH International arrange a workshop on ship performance optimization in Shanghai on April 20. It's preceded by a two days SHIPFLOW training course on April 18-19. Below follows further information about the content and how to register.

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Workshop on ship performance

 Seoul, Korea April 14, 2016

CFD applications

In this workshop we will demonstrate how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used to optimize the ship performance. The first part of the workshop will cover computation of ship motions and added resistance in waves, and the second part will cover automatic shape optimization for minimum delivered power. The presenters will show examples of these applications and discuss how it can be implemented in the design process using the new efficient techniques in SHIPFLOW 6.

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SHIPFLOW on Rescale cloud


Accelerate SHIPFLOW Simulations on Rescale's Cloud Platform

Date: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
Time: 8:00AM PDT / 5:00PM CET
Duration: 60 minutes


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SHIPFLOW MOTIONS seminar and training

This is a seminar for you who wants to learn more about computing ship motions in waves and added resistance with SHIPFLOW MOTIONS. It’s a one day seminar that will cover applications, theory and hand-on exercises. Previous experience from SHIPFLOW is not required.

Date: Wednesday February 3, 2016, 09:00 – 16:30
Place: Flowtech (SSPA building), Chalmers Tvärgata 10, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Register to or call +4631410506. The number of seats are limited.

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Application of SHIPFLOW MOTION to hull optimization

Nowadays most of the ship hulls are optimized in calm water. However, reducing added resistance in waves can be the key to the optimum performance of a ship. In the second article we show a comparison of two bow types for a typical VLCC hull form using CFD. Calculations have been performed with MOTIONS module of SHIPFLOW 6.1

The article is called Performance in waves – part 2 and can be found in under the menu Cases.

Article on SHIPFLOW MOTION validation

The first published article in a series of articles on ship motions and resistance in waves. It contains a validation case based on KVLCC2. Calculations have been performed with MOTIONS module of SHIPFLOW 6.1

The article is called Performance in waves – part 1 and can be found in under the menu Cases.