A new paper published in Ocean Engineering Journal:

Michal Orych, Sofia Werner, Lars Larsson, 2021. Validation of full-scale delivered power CFD simulations. Volume 238, 15 October 2021, 109654



Verification and Validation of CFD simulations of delivered power at full-scale are carried out for a single screw cargo vessel. Numerical simulations are performed with a steady-state RANS method coupled with a body force propeller model based on a lifting line theory. There are no significant differences in the uncertainty levels between model and full-scale computations. The finest grid exhibits the numerical uncertainty of 1.40% at full-scale. Computed results are compared with sea trial data for three sister ships. Special attention is paid to the effect of roughness on the hull and propeller. The comparison error for the delivered power is about 1% which is significantly lower than the experimental uncertainty.


Delivered power; Full-scale; Hull roughness; Self-propulsion; Uncertainty; Validation; Verification; CFD