SHIPFLOW International Users Meeting 2014

Come and participate in our events in Gothenburg, 15 to 19 of September 2014

Q & A Session

15 Sep 2014

Users Meeting

16 - 17 Sep 2014


18—19 Sep 2014

We are glad to announce that we will have a truly International Users meeting with confirmed presenters from Japan, China, Korea, India, Brazil, Norway, Germany, Sweden represented by companies such as Rolls Royce Marine, DSME, Sumitomo, SSPA, Genias Graphics, Friendship Systems etc.

Preliminary schedule for the Users Meeting (updated 2014-09-08):


Tuesday 16 September 2014

09:00 Registration
09:20 Welcome
09:30 Use of SHIPFLOW in RRM
Kåre Nerland, RRM
10:00 Hull form study for DSME's tanker by using SHIPFLOW
Hyung-Woo Lee, DSME
10:30 Break
11:00 Comparison of KVLCC2 manoeuvrability coefficients between experiment and SHIPFLOW
Rikizo Yamashita, Sumitomo
11:30 Prediction of Manoeuvring Characteristics of KVLCC2 tanker using SHIPFLOW
O.P. Sha, IIT
12:15 Lunch
13:00 The application of SHIPFLOW for twin skeg vessel
I.C. Huang, CSBC
13:30 Fuel Saving through Trim Optimization
Prasada Naidu Dabbi, IRS
14:00 Tour
14:30 Using SHIPFLOW to get Full Scale Resistance Predictions by Comparison with Standard Model Testing
Eduardo Botelho, Yuri Mgnani, UFRJ
15:00 VOF simulation of planing hulls
Michal Orych, Flowtech
15:30 Break
16:00 Propeller modelling
Pelle Regener, DTU
16:30 Large Area Propellers
Lars Larsson, Chalmers
17:00 to
Analysis of Podded propeller using Shipflow
O.P. Sha, IIT
19:00 Dinner at Hotel Novotel Göteborg



Wednesday 17 September 2014

Martin Kjellberg, Flowtech
10:00 Break
10:30 Advanced Post Processing of Shipflow results with Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Chorus
Lothar Lippert, Genias
11:00 SHIPFLOW performance and parallelization
Magnus Östberg, Flowtech
11:30 CAESES / FRIENDSHIP-Framework 3.1 -- new functionality for
variable geometry and variant assessment
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Trimaran Hull Optimization using Shipflow
Prasada Naidu Dabbi, IRS
13:30 A New Design Approach towards more Efficient Tankers
14:00 Optimizations for refitting of ships using CAESES / FRIENDSHIP-Framework
14:30 SHIPFLOW Simulation based Duct Design Optimization for DSME New VLCC
Keunjae Kim, SSPA
15:00 Break
15:30 Anniversary speech
Lars Larsson
16:00 to
Closing session with discussions
19:00 Anniversary Celebration
Byns Bistro, Tredje Långgatan 13


Take this opportunity to meet other users and learn from their experiences and usage of SHIPFLOW in their design and optimization process!

If you would like to participate without contributing with a presentation you are welcome with your registration to We will charge a self cost fee of 5000 SEK.

Please let us know if you are interested in the Q&A on Monday, September 15 or the Public Training on Thursday and Friday, September 18 to 19. These are included for our customers whom are in the Maintenance & Support program.


The users meeting will be held at Hotel Novotel Göteborg which is located by the river in western Gothenburg.
If you wish to also stay at the hotel during your visit please make a reservation directly with them. Please mention that you are participating in the SHIPFLOW Users Meeting for a room rate discount.

Hotel Novotel Göteborg
Klippan 1
Tel (+46)31/7202200
Fax (+46)31/7202299

The Q&A session and the Public Training will be held at the Flowtech office.
Please let us know if you need an invitation letter to apply for a visa to Sweden.
Make sure to let us know if you have a special diet so that we can arrange the appropriate food.

We look forward to seeing you in September!



In connection to the Users Meeting we will also take the opportunity to celebrate 25 years since the founding of Flowtech International AB.