The training course introduces SHIPFLOW 6.0 which has two main new features, MOTIONS that calculates added resistance and ship motions with incoming waves and a new, 10 times faster RANS solver that makes it possible to optimize hulls within minutes.

The training is divided in two parts, Public and Special Training. Public Training is intended for SHIPFLOW novices and those who would like to brush up on their SHIPFLOW skills, while Special Training is aimed at experienced SHIPFLOW users who wishes to deepen their knowledge.

The training is included in the maintenance and support program. This means maximum two people free of charge per license which has valid maintenance and support. The course fee for participants that are not part of our maintenance and support program is 8 000 SEK for the public training and 4 000 SEK for the special training.

If you are interested in participating please write an e-mail to stating the name, organization, e-mail address and phone number of the trainee.